Kodiak America: Nothing Can Stand Up to a Kodiak

Nothing Can Stand Up To A Kodiak
US manufactured commercial snow, ice and rubber removal equipment: nothing can stand up to a Kodiak
and commercial snow removal equipment
International provider of the best industrial snow, ice and rubber removal equipment available: Kodiak America.
machines to meet your demands
Custom snow and rubber removal equipment for airports, department of transportation, government agencies, highway departments, ski resorts, oil fields or private industries.
manufacturing and craftsmanship

About Kodiak America

Kodiak America is a custom manufacturer of snow removal equipment.

Kodiak machines are built featuring cutting edge, industry leading, new components while providing versatility to meet your demands.

Our Product line includes snow blowers, runway sweepers, push plows and railway blowers. Through many years of experience with this type of equipment, Kodiak has developed a manufacturing philosophy designed to make the operation and maintenance of their equipment as durable and trouble-free as possible.

Kodiak has manufactured equipment for overseas customers and most of the 50 States: including State & Government Agencies, Highway Departments, Airports, Ski Resorts, oil fields and private industry. 

Innovation and Experience

We work with our customers to determine what piece of equipment best fits their application.

All Kodiak machines are built using the latest state-of-the-art components. We work with our customers to determine what piece of equipment best fits their application. Our parts manuals include all of the OEM manufacturers of components so customers can buy many required parts from their local suppliers. Kodiak is a company operated by people who combined have well over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of quality snow removal equipment. Kodiak just builds the biggest, toughest snow removal in the industry.


Industrial and Commercial Snow Removal Equipment by Kodiak America

Nothing Can Stand Up To A Kodiak!