Kodiak America: Nothing Can Stand Up to a Kodiak

Nothing Can Stand Up To A Kodiak
US manufactured commercial snow, ice and rubber removal equipment: nothing can stand up to a Kodiak
and commercial snow removal equipment
International provider of the best industrial snow, ice and rubber removal equipment available: Kodiak America.
machines to meet your demands
Custom snow and rubber removal equipment for airports, department of transportation, government agencies, highway departments, ski resorts, oil fields or private industries.
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Kodiak Airport Runway Sweeper Brooms

Kodiak America is a custom manufacturer of all types of snow removal equipment.

Through years of experience KODIAK has developed a manufacturing philosophy making the operation and maintenance convenient for the end user.
All Kodiak machines are built from cutting edge, industry leading, new components.
Parts and availability for the customer are included in the decision making process.
We include the customer in deciding which components make sense for their operation.
Choose from either a Kodiak standard model or a custom machine.

self contained front end loader mounted commercial snow blower by Kodiak America

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Airport Runway Sweeper Broom

Kodiak Runway Sweepers combine the proven technology of center or end driven broom design with the same chassis that powers the double engine snow blowers. An internally mounted air blast system with retractable swing arms provides the added feature of high air sweeping behind the blower head. The air blast automatically reverses when the broom angle changes. A lifting head cover allows the operator to dump any accumulation of snow on top of the blower head. The sweeper incorporates all the latest in design and componentry.

Runway Sweepers are also a highly efficient way of cleaning dirt, sand, and other miscelaneous debris from runways in tropical and/or warmer weather locations. Up to a 22' wide path can be taken at over 35 mph to clean runways. These brooms are much faster and more efficient than traditional vacuum sweepers. Water spray options are available to help reduce dust during sweeping and rear mounted magnets pick up residual metal objects. Please contact a salesman for more details if you live in warm climates and still need runway cleaning solutions.


Nothing Can Stand Up To A Kodiak!


  • • Truck Mounted High Speed Broom Head
  • • Truck Hitch – Parallel Lift Quick-Disconnect
  • • Auxiliary Power Unit w/ Airblast Assembly

  • • Heavy-Duty Welded Construction
  • • Dual Motor End Drive or Single Motor Center Drive – Hydrostatically Driven
  • • Broom Weight – Centered on Chassis at all Angles
  • • Side to Side Oscillation – Eight (8) Degrees
  • • Casters – 360 Degree Rotation w/ Shimmy Dampener
  • • Brush Pattern Adjustment – Tool Less
  • • Caster Tires - 18x7x8 16 Ply Duals

  • • Brush Length - 14’ to 24’
  • • Brush Diameter – 36” or 46”
  • • Brush Type 19-1/2” I.D. Segments w/ Spacers
  • • Ply and/or Crimped Wire Bristles
  • • Brush Cores – Welded Tubular Steel
  • • Dual Core Design – Minimal Center Gap

  • • Parallel “Lift to Attach” Design
  • • Quick Disconnect – No Tools Required
  • • Weight Transfer System for Attachments
  • Industrial and Commercial Snow Removal Equipment by Kodiak America


  • • 300 HP thru 700 HP Available
  • • Electronically Controlled
  • • Turbo Charged and Charge Air Cooled
  • • Flywheel mounted 2-Pad Pump Drive
  • • Cooling Package – Heavy-Duty Fan / Radiator
  • • Air Cleaner – Dual Element w/ Pre-Cleaner
  • • Engine Compartment – Fully Enclosed w/ Doors

  • • Industry Leading Componentry
  • • Pumps – Mounted in Tandem
  • • Motors – w/ Hot Oil Shuttle Valve
  • • Maximum 5400 Ft/Lbs.
  • • Warranty: One year or as specifi ed by Customer

  • • Dual Impeller – Left & Right Hand Nozzles
  • • 24,000 CFM Volume Rating
  • • Up to 450 MPH Velocity
  • • Complete Swept Path Covered by Air Flow
  • • Interlocked with Broom Controls
  • • Ducts Lift Up for Clearance while Transporting

  • • Pressure Compensated Hydraulic Pump
  • • Oil Reservoir, Filters, Valves, Disconnects, Oil Cooler, Hoses & Fittings per SAE Standards
  • • Controls – Located in the cab within easy reach
  • • Up / Down, Left / Right, Hitch Lift, Deflector etc...

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