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Nothing Can Stand Up To A Kodiak
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Mechanical Series Blower Head and Power Train

Blower Head and Power Train Specifications

kodiak america mechanical series snowblower head | industrial and commercial snow removal equipment Air Cleaner

Type: Dry, two-stage with safety element • Inside/outside air box

Blower Engine
  • Horsepower at requested level: 400-1300 HP
  • Heated fuel / water separator

Blower Transmission

Four speed with reverse or Kodiak 965 Gear Reducer

Cab Blower Instrumentation

Ribbon Speed • Joystick active / inactive • Joystick fault • Ribbon rotation direction • Ribbon Stopped • Transmission Range • Chute rotation • Float / weight transfer

  • Type: Full torque with SAE No. 1 housing, power engage / disengage
  • Size: 14 or 18 inch, three plates

Cooling System
  • Frontal Area: 1400 square inch minimum
  • Radiator Cores: Fin and tube type with built-in deaeration system
  • Engine Air Intake Cooler: Mounted in front of radiator
  • Fan: Engine manufacturers recommended standard Spin on Coolant Filters, Silicone Radiator and Heater Hoses
kodiak america mechanical series snow blower head | industrial and commercial snow removal equipment Head

10 inch steel caster wheels or 16 inch dual pneumatic • Abrasion resistant skid shoes • Two ribbon halfs on each side of center drive gear box • Removable ribbon flights

Hydraulic System

  Lift Ribbon
Tank 16 16
PSI 2,000 2,000
GPM 20 20
Pump Chassis Blower
Filter SAE J931 SAE J931
Control Joystick 2 Speed

Shut off valve at reservoir outlet • Auger drive • Low oil level / high temp

  • Size: 44-82 inch diameter
  • 4-5 Blades • Two shear bolts for ribbon drive and two shear bolts for impeller shaft flange

Impeller Shafts

Heavy Duty Transmission to blower impeller to Kodiak 352CD Gear Box • 1710-1810 Series

Ribbon Auger

44-60 inch diameter • 4 Blades • Mechanical Drive • Reversible ribbon-drive

Tons Per Hour

3,000 - 11,000 TPH

Blower Head Options

kodiak america mechanical series snow blower head | industrial and commercial snow removal equipment Blower Head

Carbide and polymer cutting edges • Carbide skid pads • Rubber tire casters with weight transfer system • Spare impeller paddles • Left hand fl at cast • Multi-section cutting edges • Serrated ribbons • Side cutter bars • Volute liner • Blower head liner • Spot casting chute • Quick disconnect prop shaft


Engine oil pan heater • Engine Block heater • Arctic Package

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