Kodiak America: Nothing Can Stand Up to a Kodiak

Nothing Can Stand Up To A Kodiak
US manufactured commercial snow, ice and rubber removal equipment: nothing can stand up to a Kodiak
and commercial snow removal equipment
International provider of the best industrial snow, ice and rubber removal equipment available: Kodiak America.
machines to meet your demands
Custom snow and rubber removal equipment for airports, department of transportation, government agencies, highway departments, ski resorts, oil fields or private industries.
manufacturing and craftsmanship

The Kodiak America Chassis

Chassis Specifications

kodiak america single engine snow blower chassis | industrial and commercial snow removal equipment Air Brakes

Type: Drum or Disc • Spring Mounted • Standard or Anti-lock

Air Cleaner

Type: Dry, two-stage with safety element • Underhood and/or outside air intake selector


27,000 LBS - 50,000 LBS


Cab Rear or Cab Over

Cab Construction

Extra heavy duty • Corrosion Resistant • Steel & fiberglass body • Full-length steel piano type door hinges • Fully rust proofed • Panoramic reverse slope windshield • Power windows left & right • Stationary rear window • Dome lights • Courtesy entry lights • Tinted safety glass • 72 inch cab width • Four point rubber mount

Chassis Equipment

Air dryer • Backup alarm • Crankshaft PTO adapter • Dual 150 gallon fuel tanks or single up to 600 gallons • Flat top steel fenders • Full enclosed catwalks • Heated fuel/water separator • Mud flaps front & rear tires • One piece steel engine cover with large gull-winged access doors • Vertical exhaust with stainless steel shield

kodiak america double engine snow blower chassis | industrial and commercial snow removal equipment Cooling System
  • Radiator Core: Fin & tube type with builtin deaerations system • Horizontal flow
  • Frontal Area: 1,080 square inch minimum
  • Radiator Construction: Bolted with built-in deaeration system
  • Charge Air Cooler: Cooling flow parallel to radiator
  • Fan: Engine manufacturer recommended fan

Drive Engine

250-580 HP

Electrical System
  • Alternator: 145 amp -270 amp chassis engine driven
  • Lighting: 12 volt
  • Starting: 12 or 24 volt
  • Battery: Four 12 volt, 950 CCA each @ 0º F (3800 CCA Total)

  • Material: Carbon manganese steel, heat treated
  • Type: Single formed channel
  • Yield Strength: 120,000 psi {827 Mpa} minimum
  • Section Modulus: 24.85 inch, cubed per rail
  • RBM: 2,857,750 in-lb per rail
  • Construction: Grade 8 flanged bolts and flanged lock nuts
  • Front Frame Extension: 24 inches
  • Rear Tow Hooks: Two (2)
  • Bumper: Straight rear, full width


Plus 1 electronic control package • LCD dash screen on console • Speedometer • Odometer • Tachometer • Hour meter • Voltmeter • Air system pressure • Fuel Level with low fuel level warning • Warning icons for: Low Air Pressure, ABS Fail, ABS Communication lost, Engine Stop, Engine Fail mode, Low Voltage, Engine overheat, Engine low oil pressure, Transmission overheat, Transmission fail, Transmission communication lost, Hydraulic temperature, Hydraulic fluid level, Parking Brake Applied • Low transmission oil sensor • Transfer case range • Traction enhancement locked / unlocked • Transmission gear selection

kodiak america snow blower chassis | industrial and commercial snow removal equipment Lighting

Cab-mounted headlights with integral turn signals • Clearance and marker lights to comply with federal regulations • Engine compartment lights • Roof mounted strobe light • Dual back-up lights • Dual stop, tail, turn signal lights (LED) at rear • Work lights


Acrylic urethane • Epoxy primer • One color, customer preference

Propeller Shafts

Make & Model: Dana 1710-1810 Series • Dynamically balanced

Standard Accessories

Electric air horn • National standard plus or Bostrom air ride drivers seat center mounted • Fold-up passenger jump seat • 55,000 BTU heater/ defroster • Digital Climate Control • 12 volt power outlet • Cup holders • (2) doors • Electric, heated West Coast type mirrors with separate remote adjustable heated spotter mirrors • Ether starting aid • Keyed chassis engine • Floor mat • Fresh air type heater and defroste • Grab Handles • Three electric windshield wipers mounted below windshield with intermittent speed control • Cancelling turn signals • Side window defrosters • Sun visors, full width front • Tilt/telescoping steering wheel • Windshield washer • Three point seat belts • Digital clock

Steering System
  • Make & Type: Sheppard 592S integral hydraulic power gear
  • 4-Wheel Steer: Plus 1 Electronic Package
  • Chassis Hydraulics Warning System: low level / high temperature

  • Front & Rear Type: Betts Semi-elliptic spring
  • Main: 7 leaf, 48 x 4 inch
  • Auxiliary: 4 leaf, 32 x 4 inch
  • Rating: up to 50,000 lbs.
kodiak america single engine snowblower chassis | industrial and commercial snow removal equipment Tires
  • Make & Tread: Bridgestone VHS
  • Size: 385/95R24

Transfer Case
  • Make & Models: Marmon-Herrington Series, Fabco Series
  • Speeds: Two with Marmon Smart Shift


Allison® 4th generation 4-5 speed electronic

1st................................. 3.51:1
2nd................................ 1.91:1
3rd................................. 1.43:1
4th................................. 1.00:1
Reverse........................ 4.80:1

Vehicle Ratings
  • Rating at Axle Hubs:
  • Front: 27-37,000 lbs.
  • Rear: 27-37,000 lbs.
  • Total: 54-74,000 lbs.

Wheel Base

108-164 inches


Type: Steel Disc • 24.00 x 12 inches

Chassis Options

kodiak america double engine snowblower chassis | industrial and commercial snow removal equipment Accessories

Air conditioner (n/a with auxiliary heater) • Auxiliary heater • Heated side window wipers • Heated windshield • Heated front wipers • National Premium heated driver’s seat with 3-way air adjustable lumbar support • AM/FM radio with weather band & CD player • Deluge System • Lubrication data plates


Snow Blowers • Various broom packages • Underbody scraper (chassis only) • Push Plow

Drive Train

Different horsepower engines • Allison 4th Generation 4500 transmission • All Wheel Electronic Steer • Driver controlled and automatic lock/unlock transfer case • External air intake

kodiak america snowblower chassis | industrial and commercial snow removal equipment Electrical System

160-270 amp high-output alternator • HID and other lighting • On-board battery charger • Battery Disconnect at battery box

Frame and Chassis

Single & double side fuel fi ll • 110-volt in-tank fuel heater • Centralized side drain kit • Quick hitch for mounting broom, blower or plow attachments • ADIP air dryer • Shock absorbers • Pintle hitch

Tires and Wheels

Michelin Tires


Engine block heater, 1500 watts • Battery heater, 300 watts & in-tank fuel heater • Jumper lugs at battery box

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