Kodiak America: Nothing Can Stand Up to a Kodiak

Nothing Can Stand Up To A Kodiak
US manufactured commercial snow, ice and rubber removal equipment: nothing can stand up to a Kodiak
and commercial snow removal equipment
International provider of the best industrial snow, ice and rubber removal equipment available: Kodiak America.
machines to meet your demands
Custom snow and rubber removal equipment for airports, department of transportation, government agencies, highway departments, ski resorts, oil fields or private industries.
manufacturing and craftsmanship

Kodiak Loader Mounted Snow Blowers

Kodiak America is a custom manufacturer of all types of snow removal equipment.

Through years of experience KODIAK has developed a manufacturing philosophy making the operation and maintenance convenient for the end user.
All Kodiak machines are built from cutting edge, industry leading, new components.
Parts and availability for the customer are included in the decision making process.
We include the customer in deciding which components make sense for their operation.
Choose from either a Kodiak standard model or a custom machine.

self contained front end loader mounted commercial snow blower by Kodiak America
Self Contained Loader Mounted Snow Blower

Two Stage Design: (Ribbons and Impeller) Self-Contained Engine and Snow Blower on front of loader (Mechanical Drive System).

Model 5252

Model 4852

Model 3644

Model 3036
split package front end loader mounted industrial snow blower by Kodiak America
Split Package Loader Mounted Snow Blower

Split Package Design: with engine on rear of loader and snow blower on the front.

Engine: Horsepower at requested level 200-765 hp
Cutting Width: 102" - 132"
Cutting Height: 30" - 60"
Input Reel Sizes: 23" - 60"
Impeller Sizes: 36" - 60"
Casting Distance: up to 150"
Hitch: Able to hitch to any wheel loader. Quick Hitch available.
Structural: Hardox and T-1 Steel

Standard Items & Options

Nothing Can Stand Up To A Kodiak!
  • • Engine Block Heater
  • •  Two-stage air cleaner
  • •  Wired control panel for loader
  • •  Scraper Blade
  • • Right / Left casting through 145 degrees
  • • Steel Engine Cover
  • • Gear Boxes (self lubricating)
  • • Serrated Ribbons
  • • Skid Shoes
  • • Shear Pin Protected
  • • Hydrostatic Relief Protected (Split Package Configuration)
  • • Over Center or Air Clutch engaged from cab
  • • Steel Engine Cover with ample access to engine and components
  • • Truck Loading Spot Casting Chute
  • •  Wireless Remote Controls from Loader Cab to Snow Blower
  • •  Rotating Drum (Model 2436 Self Contained Loadermount Sonw Blower)

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